Q&A for Mufflers and Parts

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For Beginner (Mufflers)

  1. It is possible to install the muffler by using some additional tools that can remove regular mufflers.
  2. We designed a manual for muffler equipment which can enable you to work without any fixation to your motorcycle and in the easiest possible way.
  3. As the place of equipment is a little bit different in each flame of motorcycles (even the same types of the new model and the secondhand ones),We would recommend you to make final tightening of your equipment after you assemble it temporarily and adjust it to needed point of mounting.
  4. An important point when you install muffler;since there is gasket at an engine,binding site between an engine and a muffler(sometimes it’s difficult to find because of its black stain) so the old gasket needs to be changed to new ones in order to avoid exhaust gas.
  5. After installing,please check if the muffler is set up properly by checking after fire,back fire and sound volume.
  6. In the case that your Cabreter motorcycle happened to have an after fire as mentioned in article 5,please make a fuel adjustment and it will be the best option.
  7. In the case that your motorcycle of injection type has an after fire as mentioned in article 5,the computer program will get notified from the signals of O2 sensor after a traveling for a while.
  8. Regarding the sounds volume,by installing option stainless wool in silencer,the volume of the sound can be adjusted to various settings such as a regular volume,intermediate volume or comfortable heavy bass depending on your preference.
  9. Regarding the relationship between sound volume of muffler and torque;
    -When in low volume,it gets low revolution like as a regular muffler.It’s a torque type.
    -When in High volume,it’s not a torque type anymore but it will get a middle and high revolution unlike a regular muffler and you will know the difference when you drive on highway at motorcycle touring.

For Intermediate (DS4/DSC4 car carburetor air cleaner)

  1. Air cleaners are currently sold from a variety of manufacturers,but the parts with full power specification is only available in our company.
  2. In the case of DS4/DSC4,since you can unscrew the back cover of the carburetor without removing its body,it is possible to upgrade it to full power specification easily.
  3. If you change DS4/DSC4 to full power specification,it is no longer said to be slow motorcycle anymore and touring with a large size American motorcycle will not bother you.
  4. To complete setting to the best condition,please adjust the muffler to low revolution by the pilot screw,rearrange middle and high revolution to a supplied jet and adjust;also tuning since it is twin cab.
  5. An important point: When you remove the back cover of carburetor,it’s better to turn it while providing shock with shock driver or driver for penetration not to cut + screws.
  6. As the other notes,insulator of DS4/DSC4 (the rubber part that connects the engine and carburetor),which is called as “intake manifold”often get deteriorated. If there is a crack,it would have a bad condition due to the absorption of a secondary air from there so it would need to be replaced.
  7. Most of our customers who set a muffler to a perfect condition by replacing our air cleaner say that fuel economy has improved better than regular motorcycles and such specifications can pass inspection.

We would like to answer to your following questions as clearly as possible;
questions about our parts,how to adjust and install,little questions about the vehicle from domestic makers and Harley,Advices about purchasing vehicle,customizing your favorite motorcycle,inspection after implement of customize and so on.

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